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Sid's Favourite Producers

When I started as your typical DIY-producer back in 1995 I usually mixed by trial and error and therefore made lots of mistakes — and I really mean LOTS!

It was only when we started recording Antichrisis’ 2nd album „A Legacy of Love“ at former Blue House Studios in Meerane in 1998 that I learned proper recording and mixing techniques from Jens Bachmann and Tilo Rockstroh, and from this time on I put a lot of attention to production when I listend to records of my favourite bands and artists: why did some records sound interesting, whereas others sounded dull and boring although the songs itself where not that bad? Soon I found out that not a small share of that certain something that made an outstanding song or album was due to the fact that a certain producer or engineer was in charge of the mixing console. Next...

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